We Specialize in Immigration Law

Based in New York City, The Law Office of Isabel M. Hidrobo specializes in immigration law. We are committed to aiding foreign individuals who contribute to our society with ideas, talent, skills, innovation, and hard work. The United States has grown and thrived as a nation of immigrants, who constantly provide us with an influx of vitality and creativity–our goal is to help keep it as such.

O-1 Visas

O-1 visas are for those in the world of arts and creative industries as well as entrepreneurs, designers, architects, dancers, musicians, researchers, athletes, and more.

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Green Card or Immigrant Visa

A Green Card (or immigrant visa) can be obtained through family-based petitions, and employment-based petitions.

L1 A Visa for Executives and Managers

L1 A visas are for those who have been continuously employed for at least one year by a firm, and meet additional criteria.

E- 3 Visa, Australian Visa

The E-3 visa classification is for nationals of Australia who work in a specialty occupation, as well as their spouses and children.

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P1 Visa

H1-B Visas for Professionals

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